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Workshop format


This will be a full-day ICBO workshop. This workshop encourages extensive discussion and exchange. It will include a Morning Session focusing on presentation and discussion of selected papers, and an Afternoon Session targeting for more in-depth discussion.

For the Morning Session, each paper presentation will be restricted to 25 minutes for a full-length paper, and 15 minutes for a short-length paper. For the full-length paper presentation, each presenter is required to finish the introductory talk with 15 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of discussion. For the short-length paper presentation, approximately 10 minutes will be used for oral presentation and the remaining 5 minutes for discussion.
The Afternoon Session will be mainly used for extensive discussion on selected topics. If needed, any full-length or short-length papers not presented in the morning will first be presented in the afternoon using the same format. After a short break, we will start our discussion on selected topics interesting to the workshop attendees. These topics will be selected by the organizers based on the attendees’ submissions and follow-up discussions with attendees in our email list. Use cases out of attendees’ work will be brought out for sharing, studying, and discussion. The information for the selected topics will be posted to the workshop website and email list prior to the workshop. Each topic will be coordinated by a workshop organizer or attendee. A short overview of the topic, including problems, use cases, and proposed solutions, will first be presented by the coordinators. An extensive review and discussion will then be followed. Each topic will last 30-45 minutes depending on available time and the number of selected topics.

This workshop (VDOSME) will be coordinated with another proposed workshop titled “Methods for adverse events representation - Ontology and Information Model”. The other workshop targets various adverse events, including not only vaccine and drug adverse events, but also other adverse events such as medical device and surgery-associated adverse events. Their workshop focuses on ontology/information models for adverse events primarily in the “clinical” space (where information models already exist). Our VDOSME workshop targets various topics in the domain of vaccine and drug, which goes beyond adverse events. With respect to the adverse event domain, the VDOSME workshop proposal has a focus on “research” (in contrast to “clinical” space) of adverse event mechanisms, for example, modeling and analysis of gene-gene and drug-gene interactions, pathways, and host immune responses. These research topics can be studied by different approaches including literature mining and meta-analysis. A close coordination between these two workshops is important to prevent overlap and promote integrative ontology research. The two workshop websites cross link and clearly lay out the similarities and differences. Many researchers, including many organizers from the two workshops, would like to attend both workshops. Therefore, we wish that these two workshops be scheduled on different days.




All workshop attendees are expected to have sufficient understanding and skills in development and/or applications of biomedical ontology or controlled vocabulary systems (e.g., Vaccine Ontology and MedDRA). They are required to have basic knowledge of vaccines and drugs. The organizers will provide background materials on the workshop website. The attendees are expected to get familiar with the materials prior to the workshop. All attendees are encouraged to participate in active discussion during the workshop. 


Yongqun"Oliver" He
University of Michigan

Luca Toldo
Merck KGaA

Gully Burns
Information Sciences Institute

Cui Tao
Mayo Clinic

Darrell R. Abernethy


30 April 2012: Workshop papers submission deadline.

15 May 2012: Notification of workshop paper acceptance.

30 June 2012: Camera-ready copies submission deadline.

21-22 July 2012: Workshop starts.

Maintainer: Oliver He