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Vaccines and drugs have contributed to dramatic improvements in public health worldwide. Over the last decade, there have been efforts in biomedical ontology that represent various areas associated with vaccines and drugs and which join existing health and clinical terminology systems (e.g., SNOMED, RxNorm, NDF-RT, and MedDRA) in their application to research and clinical data.


The "Vaccine and Drug Ontology in the Study of Mechanism and Effect" (VDOSME 2012) workshop will provide a platform for discussing problems and solutions in the development and application of biomedical ontologies to representing and analyzing vaccines/drugs, vaccine/drug administrations, vaccine/drug-induced immune responses, and similar topics. The workshop will cover:


  • Ontology Coverage: Ontologies of vaccines, of drugs, and of studies thereof.
  • Scope of Interest: Representations and analyses of vaccine and drug formation and preparation, administration, mechanisms, and effects based on such ontologies.


Examples of biomedical subject matter in the scope of this workshop: vaccine/drug components (e.g., vaccine antigens, drug active ingredients, and adjuvants), administration details (e.g., dosage, administration route, and frequency), gene immune responses and pathways, drug-drug or drug-food interactions.


We will also focus on computational methods used to study these, for example, literature mining of vaccine/drug-gene interaction networks, meta-analysis of host immune responses, and time event analysis of vaccine/drug effects.


The VDOSME workshop will:

  1. Bring together ontology developers, application software programmers, and users/clients in the vaccine/drug domain, with the aim of improving communications and collaboration in vaccine and drug ontology representation and applications.
  2. Identify research problems and challenges in the ontology representation and applications of vaccines, drugs, and related topics. Use cases will be used for illustration of such problems and challenges.
  3. Identify and discuss possible solutions for the problems and challenges presented in the workshop.
  4. Introduce and discuss existing and possibly new biomedical ontologies on how they are suited for representing and analyzing vaccines and drugs and associated topics.
  5. Form and/or suggest consensuses on how to solve specific problems using ontology-based approaches.  
  6. Set up a long lasting platform for future collaborations and discussions.




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July 23, 2012: VDOSME workshop flash talk in the general ICBO meeting: Oliver He presented a 3-minute VDOSME 2012 Flash Talk in the morning of the first day (Monday, 23 July 2012) of the general ICBO 2012 meeting at Graz, Austria.

July 21, 2012: The workshop occurred. The one-day workshop successfully held in the Medical University of Graz. The full schedule of this workshop is in the Final Program page. We also have a PDF version of the VDOSME workshop program.


July 9, 2012: The final workshop schedule available. Please find the details of the final program/schedule of this workshop in the Final Program page.



Yongqun"Oliver" He
University of Michigan

Luca Toldo
Merck KGaA

Gully Burns
Information Sciences Institute

Cui Tao
Mayo Clinic

Darrell R. Abernethy


30 April 2012: Workshop papers submission deadline.

15 May 2012: Notification of workshop paper acceptance.

30 June 2012: Camera-ready copies submission deadline.

21-22 July 2012: Workshop starts.

Maintainer: Oliver He