Information Artifact Ontology (IAO) working session

An ICBO informal meeting


Abstract We propose to hold an informal session focusing on development of the IAO. This will be a working, hands-on event, during which IAO developers will aim at solving some of the current issues. A wiki page has been setup on the IAO website ( with detailed information about which items are to be discussed and inviting participants to register for the session.

Deliverables: Notes will be taken and posted on the wiki for approval by all developers. A set of specific action items will be listed, and current IAO developers will be assigned to their resolution. Organizers of the session will ensure action items are being addressed by a set deadline.

Requirements This event is targeted at members of the IAO developers group. While everybody will be welcome to attend, there will not be any general presentation of the IAO, and attendees are expected to be very familiar with the IAO. Agenda will be limited to those items that have been approved for discussion by the community of developers.


Please contact the proposers for further information:

(On behalf of the IAO group -

Mathias Brochhausen
Assistant Professor, Division of Biomedical Informatics
University of Arkansas of Medical Sciences
email: MBrochhausen [at]

Mélanie Courtot
Ph.D. student, BC Cancer Agency
email: mcourtot [at]

Alan Ruttenberg
University at Buffalo
School of Dental Medicine
email: alanruttenberg [at]

Local Organizers

Stefan Schulz
Catalina Martínez
Markus Kreuzthaler

Institute for Medical
Informatics, Statistics
and Documentation

Medical University of Graz

Auenbruggerplatz 2
8036 Graz, Austria

stefan.schulz [at]


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FOIS deadline extended to Feb 12, 2012 (strict)

Jan 25: ICBO workshops and tutorials online

Jan 6: FOIS call for posters open.

Dec 8: Keynote Speakers Announced.

Maintainer: Stefan Schulz