AMIA - American Medical Informatics Association



8:30 am Registration and Continental Breakfast
9:00 am Welcome Address
Session I (Chair: Stefan Schulz)
9:15 am Keynote Address
Desiderata for Biomedical Ontology Research: Friendly Suggestions from an Interested Consumer
Betsy L. Humphreys, Deputy Director ˇ National Library of Medicine
10:15 am Registration in Practice: Comparing Free-Text and Compositional Terminological-System Based Registration of ICU Reasons for Admission
Nicolette de Keizer, Ronald Cornet, Ferishta Bakhshi-Raiez, Evert de Jonge
10:45 am Morning Break
11:15 am Binding Ontologies & Coding Systems to Electronic Health Records and Messages
AL Rector, R Qamar, T Marley
11:45 am Using Ontology Graphs to Understand Annotations and Reason about Them
Mary E. Dolan, Judith A. Blake
12:05 pm An Online Ontology: WiktionaryZ
Erik M. van Mulligen, Erik Möller, Peter-Jan Roes, Marc Weeber, Gerard Meijssen, Barend Mons
12:25 pm An Overview of Poster Presentations
12:30 pm Buffet Lunch (and Poster Presentations)
Session II (Chair: Lowell Vizenor)
2:00 pm "Lmo-2 interacts with elf-2" On the Meaning of Common Statements in Biomedical Literature
Stefan Schulz, Ludger Jansen
2:30 pm The Qualitative and Time-Dependent Character of Spatial Relations in Biomedical Ontologies
Thomas Bittner, Louis J. Goldberg
3:00 pm Towards a Reference Terminology for Ontology Research and Development in the Biomedical Domain
Barry Smith, Waclaw Kusnierczyk, Daniel Schober, Werner Ceusters
3:30 pm Afternoon Break (and Poster Presentations)
Session III (Chair: Ronald Cornet)
4:00 pm LinKBaseŽ, a Philosophically-Inspired Ontology for NLP/NLU Applications
Maria van Gurp, Manuel Decoene, Marnix Holvoet, Mariana Casella dos Santos
4:30 pm The Development of a Schema for the Annotation of Terms in the Biocaster Disease Detecting/Tracking System
Ai Kawazoe, Lihua Jin, Mika Shigematsu, Roberto Barerro, Kiyosu Taniguchi, Nigel Collier
4:50 pm BioFrameNet: A Domain-Specific FrameNet Extension with Links to Biomedical Ontologies
Andrew Dolbey, Michael Ellsworth, Jan Scheffczyk
5:10 pm Closing Remarks
Poster Presentations:

A CPG-Based Ontology Driven Clinical Decision Support System for Breast Cancer Follow-Up
Samina Raza Abidi

Inferring Gene Ontology Category Membership via Gene Expression and Sequence Similarity Data Analysis
Murilo Saraiva Queiroz, Francisco Prosdocimi, Izabela Freire Goertzel, Francisco Pereira Lobo, Cassio Pennachin, Ben Goertzel

Experience with an Ontology of Pediatric Electrolyte Disorders in a Developing Country
Vorapong Chaichanamongkol, Wanwipa Titthasiri

Issues in Representing Biological and Clinical Phenotypes Using the Formal Models
Ying Tao, Chintan Patel, Carol Friedman, Yves A. Lussier
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