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First International Workshop on
Formal Biomedical Knowledge Representation
Collocated with KR 2004

Camera Ready Paper Instructions

The final paper has to be delivered as pdf. It must not exceed 9 pages, including bibliography. The format corresponds to the one of the AMIA proceedings.
Use 8.5 x 11 inch paper size with one inch margins left, right, top, and bottom.
Place the title in 14 point Times Roman typeface, single-column, bolded, centered, initial capitals Include the names, credentials, institutions and locations of the author(s) below the title using 12 point Times Roman typeface, single-column, bolded, centered, initial capitals.
Include the main text of the submission single-spaced in 10 point Times Roman typeface, justified, two-column format with .5 inch between columns
Use the following reference format: Cite all references in the text, tables, or figure legends. In the text, use 8 point superscript if possible to indicate reference numbers; if not possible, use 10 point numbers in brackets. Under a centered heading References at the end of the submission, provide a list of references cited, in order of occurrence in the manuscript, and with titles using initial capitals only. List all authors of any cited work when there are six or fewer authors; if more than six, list only the first three followed by et al. Follow the Vancouver Style (for further details, see
A LaTeX document style is available here , together with a sample file. Here is an example of a document written in LaTeX, using this style:
Please send the camera-ready paper to The deadline for reception of the camera-ready paper is April 10.


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